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Land —  Legal Services and Advice in Kiama, NSW
If you are considering buying or selling your home or a commercial property, you should protect yourself with sound advice. At Lewis & McKinnon we understand this is a significant event in your life and we can provide you with step by step assistance through the conveyancing process, thereby removing some of the stress that can accompany the transaction.

We will tell you everything you need to know about the transaction to ensure that there are no hidden surprises and that the transaction runs smoothly and is completed in a timely fashion.


Gavel and a Book —  Legal Services and Advice in Kiama, NSW
We have been helping our clients negotiate profitable business transactions for more than forty years, advising on business structures, contracts for sale and purchase, valuation of assets, lease terms, options, franchising, financing and deeds of restraint. We provide sensible and cost-effective advice, recognising that each business is unique.


Shaking Hands —  Legal Services and Advice in Kiama, NSW
Lewis & McKinnon act for many commercial landlords and tenants, providing expert commercial advice that covers the reviewing of commercial and retail leases, the negotiation of lease terms, the assignment and transfer of leases, lease options, termination of leases, dispute resolution and enforcement of lease terms.


Scale —  Legal Services and Advice in Kiama, NSW
It is important that you have a valid Will as it affords you peace of mind that your Estate will be distributed in accordance with your wishes.

However, to avoid your Will being challenged following your death, it is equally important that you have sound legal advice when making a will, particularly so when considering the complex structure of many families which occur in today's society. Lewis & McKinnon can assist you with practical common sense advice and suggestions designed to ensure that your Will can withstand later challenge.


Water —  Legal Services and Advice in Kiama, NSW
Lewis & McKinnon provide expert guidance and advice relating to administration of Estates involving a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration, collecting in of Estate assets, transmission of Estate property and distribution of entitlements to beneficiaries. We can also assist in obtaining Grants of Re-Seal in relation to Probates obtained in other jurisdictions.


Black and White Beach —  Legal Services and Advice in Kiama, NSW
Lewis & McKinnon have extensive experience in acting on behalf of Executors appointed under Wills who are facing challenge from dissatisfied family members and others.

We provide prompt, cost effective advice about the prospects of the challenge being successful and advise accordingly whether such claims should be contested or a settlement negotiated on appropriate terms. Thus avoiding the estate unnecessary expense and undue delay in the finalisation of the administration.

If you believe that a Will has not made adequate provision for you, we can advise as to whether or not you are an 'eligible person', that is, a person entitled to bring proceedings, and whether such claim can be successfully maintained.

There is a strict time limit in relation to such claims, so if you believe you have been unfairly treated you should seek proper advice without undue delay.


Sunset —  Legal Services and Advice in Kiama, NSW
It is wise to take steps, whilst you are competent to do so, to put in place documentation which will assist your loved ones in managing your affairs and lifestyle when you are unable to properly attend to those matters yourself, due to physical or mental incapacity.

At Lewis & McKinnon we can assist you in creating Powers of Attorney and Appointments of Enduring Guardianship.